Savitribai Phule Pune University Sheds Light on the Role of Lifelong Learning and Extension Department in the New Education Policy”

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Pune, 21st October 2023: In a move aimed at advancing education and bridging the gap between traditional academia and a broader knowledge base, the Lifelong Learning and Extension Department of Savitribai Phule Pune University recently orchestrated a meticulously planned seminar. Titled ‘National Education Policy 2020: Bridging the Education Gap through Extension Initiatives,’ the event served as an enlightening exploration of the pivotal role of lifelong learning in the context of the new educational landscape.

The seminar, marked by its efficient coordination and management, received valuable guidance from the esteemed Chief Guest, Prof. Dr. Suresh Gosavi, Vice-Chancellor of SPPU. Additionally, it was graced by the presence of the Guest of Honor, Dr. Sanjeevan Adsur, Vice-Chancellor of Spicer Adventist University in Pune, and Dr. Parag Kalkar, Pro-Vice Chancellor of SPPU, along with the Director of Lifelong Studies and Extension Department, Prof. Dr. Vilas Adhav.

Setting the stage for the seminar, Prof. Dr. Vilas Adhav provided an insightful overview of the New Education Policy, emphasizing its role in expanding the horizons of knowledge. He also shed light on the various initiatives undertaken by colleges throughout the year, underscoring the policy’s practical applications.

Dr. Parag Kalkar, in his address, underlined the significance of extending education beyond the traditional classroom walls. He highlighted the new education policy’s emphasis on skillful education, aligning with the dynamic needs of today’s generation.

Dr. Sanjeevan Adsur emphasized the pivotal role that educators play in implementing the new education policy effectively, acknowledging their critical role in shaping the future of education.

The seminar saw active participation from program coordinators representing various colleges affiliated with SPPU from Pune, Nagar, and Nashik. They shared insights into the new educational policy and discussed the array of activities to be rolled out in their respective institutions during the academic year.

The Lifelong Learning and Extension Department’s skillful organization of this seminar left attendees with a broader perspective on the evolving educational landscape. It was masterfully conducted by Prof. Dr. Minal Bhosle, showcasing her adept compering skills. Prof. Dr. P. V. Gupta extended gratitude to all participants and acknowledged their collective efforts in making the event a resounding success.