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‘Ex Sarvatra Prahar’ was conducted by the School of Artillery at Devlali, Nasik on 08 and 11 January 2016, wherein the “Gunners” of the Indian Artillery displayed their prowess and deadly firepower. The exercise was conducted through a tactical situation requiring an appreciation of the operation and preparation of an Artillery fire plan in support of the operation.

During the exercise a plethora of equipment was employed, showcasing the might of the Regiment of Artillery. The entire range of guns, from the indigenous 120 mm Mortars,  155 mm Soltam, 105 mm Indian Field Gun, 105 mm Light Field Gun, 130 mm Medium Gun to the sophisticated 155 mm FH 77B Bofors and 122 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher GRAD BM 21, demonstrated their awesome and destructive power. The gunners demonstrated accuracy, consistency and the overwhelming power of the Artillery by simultaneous engagement of targets with a number of guns.

            An array of new generation rocket and missile systems like Pinaka, Smerch and a model of Brahmos missile were displayed. Surveillance and Target Acquisition equipment like the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Surveillance Sensors and Weapon Locating Radars were also showcased during the exercise. These devices, when used in conjunction with the guns, are capable of enhancing the effect of fire power, thereby acting as Force multipliers.

            A special draw was the combat free fall by Special Forces team and Cheetah and Chetak helicopters flown by Army Aviators which demonstrated the flying skill of pilots as they airlifted a 120 mm mortar as part of the exercise for delivering firepower resources in inaccessible areas.

            The event was witnessed by officers of Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Military Institute of Technology, Pune, College of Military Engineering (CME) and Cadets from the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune.  Lieutenant General J George, Commandant, School of Artillery, interacted with various participants and delegations who attended the event.

The exercise was aimed at providing firsthand experience of effect of various types of artillery in battle field to defence forces officers. A large number of school children and NCC cadets from the nearby schools were also invited so as to motivate the young minds and give them a glimpse of the might of the Indian Army’s Artillery Corps. The keenness displayed by the visitors in knowing their army was evident in the interest shown by them towards understanding the intricacies of Artillery equipment kept on display at the end of the firepower exercise.