Schools In Pune To Reopen From October 4, PMC Releases Guidelines

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Sumit Singh
Pune, 2nd October 2021: Today the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) released guidelines for schools of all mediums to reopen from October 4 for classes 8th to 12th.

PMC Additional Commissioner Ravindra Binwade has issued the order under the guidance of Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar. These guidelines will be applicable in schools located in the jurisdiction of Khadki and Pune cantonment boards.

The guidelines are as follows:

1) Permission is being given to start regular classes of class 8th to 12th in all medium schools in Pune Municipal Corporation area from 04.10.2021.

2) School education and sports department and Maharashtra government guidelines will have to be followed.

3) Necessary items like disinfectant, soap, water etc. should be made available in the school to ensure cleanliness.

4) School transport facilities should be disinfected regularly. It will also be mandatory for the school management to check this regularly.

5) 48 hours prior test for Covid-19 is mandatory for all teachers and teaching staff in the school and the certificate should be kept in the school docket. Also, all teachers and teaching staff should be tested every 15 days.

6) All teachers should be vaccinated before starting school. Rules of physical distance in the classroom as well as meeting arrangements in the staff room.

8) Guidelines should be put on the front of the school regarding the use of masks etc., special markings should be made to keep a physical distance of at least 6 feet for standing in line inside and outside the school, arrow marks should be made to determine the different ways of coming and going. It will be necessary for the school to make arrangements in this regard.

9) Students should get the written consent of their parents before attending school.

10) The school premises should be cleaned regularly every day to maintain cleanliness and health conditions in and around the school. The headmaster/principal of the school will need to make sure that the toilets are frequently disinfected.

11) For safe travel of students, school transport vehicles should be disinfected at least twice a day (before and after getting in and out of the student vehicle). This should be ensured by the school management.

12) This order will also be applicable to Pune Cantonment Board and Khadki Cantonment Board.

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