Severe water crisis in Maharashtra may lead to Urban vs Rural fight

Khadakvasala dam
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Pune – As the monsoon season ends on October 15, there has been an intense worrisome situation in the state. The dams as well as 3,266 small water projects in the the state have only 64 percent water stock. Last year by this time, there were  76 percent water in the dams.

The worst situation is in Marathwada region followed by water crisis in Nagpur, Amravati and Nashik. In the Pune district, due to less water supply compared to last year, there might be urban vs rural water dispute in the coming days. The water resources department has suggested that Konkan division, which receives satisfactory rainfall every year, might also face some issues this year.

Nowadays  the rain continues till October. Therefore, the water resources department does planning for the water supply from October 15  till the next monsoon. While three days are still remaining for the end of the season, the Water Resources Department reviewed the water supply in major, medium and small projects in the state. There are 140 major dams in the state, 258 medium projects and 2,868 small projects. The water storage in these dams and small projects is about 64 percent. Last year till now, the water stock was about 76 %. So it is clear that there will be worrisome conditions in the water supply.

There are six divisions in the state which includes Pune, Amravati, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik and Marathwada. The report said that the least water storage is in the dams in the Marathwada region. There reservoirs have about 26 percent water stock remaining. Last year till this day, about 67 percent water stock was there. So, in the coming days, the possibility of a situation arising out of water in Marathwada region is likely to be reported by the Water Resources Department.

After the Marathwada division, the situation in the Nagpur region has been a problem. About 45 percent water stock is remaining in the dams and various projects in this region. Last year, the dams in this division had about 40%.

After the Marathwada and Nagpur divisions, there is a possibility of water scarcity situation in Amravati divisions. About 56% of the water stock is in the dams. Last year, there were only 39% water stock.

Lack of water in Pune

Pune district has 726 medium and small projects with major dams. About 80% of water stock in dams and projects has been revealed. Last year the dams, projects had about 91 percent water stock by this time. According to the water resources department in Pune city and district, the situation is disappointing.

Concern in Nashik

There is a worrisome situation in Nashik division. About 65 percent of the water stock in this division is in the dams. Last year, about 80 percent of the dams in this region were filled. Therefore, the water situation in the coming days is also a challenge for Nashik division.

Less rainfall in Konkan

Konkan division has high rainfall rate year after year. However, compared to last year, the water stock in the dams is less this year. Last year, about 95 percent of the dams were filled. This year, the figure is 88 percent. Therefore, the situation in the state is worrisome due to the water situation in the water resources department.

Water stock in Pune dams

Dam         –  TMC   –  percent

Temghar –  1.35             – 36.50

Varasgaon – 12.74        – 99.33

Panshet       – 10.07     – 94.55

Khadakwasla  – 1.45 –   73.53