Silent warriors during COVID19 crisis – Real Heroes – Signal & Telecom Technicians

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Pune, 12 April 2020- Indian Railways is playing a critical role in the fight against COVID19 by ensuring timely transportation of essential goods and commodities. Railway personnel have risen to the occasion and are doing an outstanding work. During this tough environment, Technicians of Signal and Telecom (S&T) department are performing their duties with zeal and dedication. They are carrying out day to day maintenance to keep S&T assets in good fettle for safe and smooth running of goods trains during this challenging environment when the nation is fighting against the COVID19.

Signaling staff are associating on day to day basis with maintenance of signal posts, relay rooms, track machine working to keep the track in good condition for safe running of freight trains. Also, number of improvements works which requires large blocks and are difficult to carry out during normal train running, have been carried out.

During this lock down period, requirement of Telecom & IT has increased manifold due to constant Webinars through regular Video conferencing at various levels. Same is being maintained tirelessly by the hardworking and devoted telecom staff, to ensure uninterrupted flow of information.

S&T officers of Mumbai, Pune, Solapur, Bhusaval and Nagpur divisions with constant support & guidance of Zonal Headquarter Office, Central Railway, are closely monitoring the Signaling & Telecom maintenance work. Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunications Engineers and other Divisional officers of their respective division are personally interacting and motivating the staff on regular basis to boost their morale and keep them in high spirits in this crisis time. They have been advised to maintain personal hygiene as well as to wear mask and maintain social distancing while performing their duties. Section Engineers are ensuring distribution of mask, sanitizers, soap and hand gloves to every Technicians on duty. Cleaning and disinfecting of work place on daily basis is ensured. The staff engaged in maintenance duties are being rotated to avoid social contact and keep them active and alert.

Apart from this, family members of the staff are preparing mask for their colleagues and railway employees on Duty. So far, total 900 masks have been prepared by family members of S&T staff voluntarily at their home and also 400 masks are under preparation. A big salute to all silent unsung heroes fighting against the COVID19 crisis.