Sixth Local Train Service Between Pune-Lonavala To Start From October 1

Local Train Started - Covid
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Sumit Singh

Pune, 30th September 2021: In addition to the five special suburban local services currently being run in the Pune-Lonavala section, the railway administration has decided to run one more additional local service, which will be effective from Friday, October 1.

This 6th special local number 01566 will leave Pune at 3 pm to reach Lonavala at 4.20 pm whereas in return direction special local number 01565 will leave Lonavala at 5.30 pm and reach Pune at 6.50 pm.

From Friday, October 1, the new time table of the special local will be as follows:-

Pune to Lonavala

Local No. 01486 Pune Departure 06.30 am Lonavala Arrival 07.50 am

Local No. 01482 Pune Departure 08.05 am Lonavala Arrival 09.25 am

Local No. 01566 Pune Departure 3 pm Lonavala Arrival 4.20 pm

Local No. 01488 Pune Departure 4.25 pm Lonavala Arrival 5.45 pm

Local No. 01484 Pune Departure 6.02 pm Lonavala Arrival 7.27 pm

Local No. 01494 Pune Departure 8 pm Lonavala Arrival 9.30 pm

Lonavala to Pune

Local No. 01493 Lonavala Departure 6.30 am Pune Arrival 7.55 am

Local No. 01481 Lonavala Departure 8.20 am Pune Arrival 9.45 am

Local No. 01485 Lonavala Departure 10.05 am Pune Arrival 11.25 am

Local No. 01565 Lonavala Departure 5.30 pm Pune Arrival 6.50 pm

Local No. 01483 Lonavala Departure 6.20 pm Pune Arrival 7.45 pm

Local No. 01487 Lonavala Departure 7.35 pm Pune Arrival 8.55 pm