Tax Payers Advised To Confirm Identities Of Income Tax Search Authorities 

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The Income Tax Department in the Delhi region regularly conducts search/survey/verification exercises in case of suspected tax evaders to uncover concealment of undisclosed income/assets as per the law.

However, instances have been brought to the notice of department wherein, certain unscrupulous elements have conducted unauthorized / illegal searches through forged identity cards claiming to be from Income Tax Department, Delhi.

It is reiterated that the tax payers is well within his rights to seek & inspect the warrant of authorisation, confirm the identities of authorized Income Tax Authorities mentioned on the warrant. The assessee can seek the telephone numbers of immediate supervisory officers of the search/survey party for the purpose of verification of genuineness.

In case, any doubts still persists then the Income Tax Department can be contacted on the following number 9013850099 for the specified purpose of confirmation of identities of officers/officials working in the Delhi region.