The EduSports and KOOH Sports alliance aims to provide schools and children the best of both worlds in sports education and sports excellence.

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9 JAN 2019 : EduSports, India’s No. 1 sports education organization, has announced today, that it has joined hands with the Mumbai-based sports education and training organization KOOH Sports. The alliance will be effective from January 2019.

Addressing the alliance, Mr. Saumil Majmudar, Co-Founder, EduSports said that, “The partnership between EduSports and KOOH Sports is highly synergistic as both the organizations have been working towards building a healthier and fitter generation. EduSports is the pioneer of sports education program in India and over the years has received various awards and accolades for its proprietary curriculum and innovative programs. KOOH Sports is a pioneer in the area of after-school academies as well as in-school programs. This partnership will offer schools the best of both worlds in the area of sports education and sports excellence.”

Chirag Patel, CEO, KOOH Sports, said, “This alliance is monumental as approximately 7,00,000 children will now have access to KOOH Sports’ global platform and will provide a proven ‘pathway’ for talented children to become sports persons or athletes. The alliance is also transformational because it gives schools the best of both organizations and jointly achieve our goal of getting 100 million to play.”

EduSports currently working with 5,00,000 children, across 800 schools in 250 locations, believes in making sports an integral part of the education of a child through a Structured Sports and Physical Education (P.E) curriculum which is designed to be inclusive, age-appropriate and fits into a school’s constraints of space and time.

KOOH Sports signifies the notion of ‘Kids Out Of Home’ and has impacted over 2,00,000 children in 200 schools across India and UAE through its sports education and training programs.

With this synergy, both organizations will be catering to the needs of approximately 7,00,000 children in close to 1,000 schools, thereby becoming the country’s largest and most comprehensive sports education and talent development platform.