The Places You Should Travel to If You Win the Lottery

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8th June 2022:Y ou won the lottery? Congratulations! We know you want to travel around the world. Here are the best destinations that you should put into consideration!

Winning a lottery is the dream of many people. Only a small percentage of the population manages to do that during life. The money they get changes their entire life and allows them to focus on things they love. One of the things people usually decide on when they experience something like this is traveling.

Visiting different destinations around the globe truly is a good way to spend money you got this way. Even if you haven’t won the lottery, we are sure you will love our article. The destinations we highlighted truly are unique and will ensure you a pleasant and memorable experience.

People Who Won the Online Lottery Are Already Traveling for Years

Who says that people who won the lottery travel only once or twice per year? Some of them decide to travel all the time. For example, those that love warm weather will go from north to south or country (and opposite direction) during the summer months. They will want to travel across Africa, South America, and other destinations they know nothing about.

Doesn’t this seem like a dream? If you won the lottery, congratulations! But, if not, then we have something to tell you. If you also want to have the chance to be part of the lucky winners, you can visit some of the Indian lottery sites reviewed at Online lottery is pretty popular these days, and it can truly change your entire life and let you visit the destinations below.

So, which destinations are the best for lucky winners? Continue reading and find out more about them!

The Maldives

Are you surprised to see the Maldives at the top of this list? It is some sort of synonym for luxury, fun, and relaxation. If you plan to visit this place, you will enjoy crystal clear water, blue sky, amazing weather, great beaches, and music on every corner. During the day, you can drink some amazing cocktails, eat the local food, or even hire a private chef that will take care of everything just for you.

India and the Maldives are regularly improving mutual collaboration. That may be another reason why this place should be the first one on your bucket/travel list. The hotels are, without any doubt, expensive, but if you already collected your winnings, that won’t be a problem!

Bora Bora

Who says that the most popular destinations in the world are big? Bora Bora is an extremely small island. However, on a small surface, you will find a lot of interesting stuff. According to our research, the average hotel night will cost you around 800 dollars. Keep in mind the price we mentioned is without meals. You will find amazing beaches, a lot of clubs near the sea, and a huge number of restaurants where you can taste the local food. If you ask us, renting a vehicle on this island is unnecessary.

Turtle Island, Fiji!

The older generations probably remember the movie under the name “The Blue Lagoon”. That movie certainly was the best possible advertisement Turtle Island could get. Since 1980, it has become one of the most luxurious destinations, and its popularity remained the same until today. Just like in the previous case, you will manage to enjoy the beautiful climate during the entire year. Imagine having dinner at the edge of the sea while the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius. We are sure this is the dream of many people, and those that won the lottery will manage to achieve it (at least, we strongly recommend it).


Anyway, there is something special about Turtle Island. Many people that come here wake up a child that is hidden deep in their subconsciousness. You will manage to enjoy different water activities and sports. Apart from swimming, diving, snorkeling, and similar activities are available as well. We are sure you will make memorable moments that way!

OI Jogi, Kenya

This may be strange to you, but OI Jogi is not a typical place. This is actually a private family ranch, and the owners are the Wildesten family. But why would someone who can afford to travel around the world visit a private ranch? Well, this is the place where you can be close to wildlife. At this location, you can find more than 50 thousand animals. For instance, did you know that there are only around 1000 black rhinos in the world? Well, around 65 are located here which only confirms how special this place is. Apart from that, you will find more than 500 elephants, a big number of wild horses, baboons, etc.


If you are an animal lover, then we are sure you will love this place. Besides, you will also do a good thing. Spending a couple of days there is a bit more expensive, but all the money you spend will be invested in those animals. That means you will spend time at a luxurious destination, have fun, see a big number of species, and support them.

NIHI Sumba, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia certainly is one of the destinations all the lucky winners want to visit. But, with a one-hour flight, you can reach another beautiful destination under the name Sumba Island. It is a remote island and most people located there are actually tourists. The hotel we strongly recommend you visit is NIHI Sumba. There, you will enjoy the luxury to the fullest. But that’s not all. The entire hotel supports an eco-friendly community. Everything from drinks and meals to minibars and constructions will somehow be eco-friendly. If you want to know more about Indonesian culture, you can join the mini-trips to the local villages that are near this place. We are sure you will love it!

Mykonos Island, Greece

Last, but not least, the place lottery winners should visit is Mykonos in Greece. This is not the only location in this lovely country that deserves your attention. But it certainly is the favorite one among rich people. It is a place where you will enjoy beautiful beaches, sea views, gardens, and other stuff. If you want to taste different Greek specialties, there are many restaurants that you can visit. All private beaches come with a gym, hot tub, and pool. On some of them, you may manage to attend yoga classes. Doesn’t that seem amazing?



We truly hope you will become a lucky lottery winner one day and get the chance to visit these places. They all are worth visiting and will help you make some wonderful memories. Traveling is healthy in many ways. It makes people feel happy and more tolerant to different cultures and traditions. Even if you are not so lucky to win, spend money on traveling. That’s our strong recommendation!