Tree plantation program on Ghoradeshwar mountain, Pune

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By Sanchita Garule

The once beautiful and green mountain is getting deserted now and hence the Rotary club of Talegaon carried out a tree plantation program on the Ghoradeshwar mountain (Dehuroad) making an attempt to get its glory back.

The program was planned by Environmental Director of Rotary Club, Talegaon Mr. Mangesh Garole along with the project Chairman Mr. Vilas Jadhav on 26th of July at 9.30 am.

President of the club, Mr. Shriram Dhore, Vice president Mr. Vilas Kalokhe, Secretory Mr. Shashikant Halde, environmentalist Mr. Mahesh Mahajan and Mr. Suresh dhotre (ex mayor) helped planting the trees too.

Sanchita Garule


( Sanchita Garule is a student of environmental science at Fergusson College, Pune)

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