Updating Aadhar Card? Avoid Being Overcharged, Know Your Rights!

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Pune, 14th November, 2023 – The Aadhaar card has become a crucial document for identity verification, required for activities such as train travel, obtaining a SIM card, or acquiring a gas cylinder. Launched by the government in 2010, the Aadhaar card is now an essential identity card for every individual.

Ensuring that the information on this vital document is correct and up-to-date is crucial. Many individuals find errors in their photos, mobile numbers, and addresses, which can be rectified by visiting an Aadhaar center, albeit with a nominal fee.

At times, when seeking updates on the Aadhaar card, the staff at Aadhaar centers may demand extra money beyond the prescribed fee, citing a faster completion of the task. You should know what can be done if faced with such a situation. However, it is important to understand the services provided at the Aadhaar center and the associated fees.

For corrections in your name, address, date of birth, obtaining a new and updated photo, or changing your phone number, you can visit your nearest Aadhar Seva Center.

It’s essential to note that Aadhaar enrollment is a free service; you should not be charged any amount for this facility. Updating biometrics on a child’s Aadhar card is also free, and the Aadhaar Seva Center employee is not authorized to collect money for this service.

However, if you are an adult and need to update your biometrics, there is a charge of Rs 100. Changing your name, address, date of birth, or mobile number on your Aadhar card incurs a fee of Rs 50.

If you encounter a situation where extra money is demanded, promptly call the number 1947 to lodge a complaint against the Aadhar Seva Kendra employee. Alternatively, you can file a complaint by visiting the official Aadhaar link at myaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/file-complaint.