US Police Officer Daniel Auderer Removed from Patrol Duty After Mocking Death of Indian Student

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Seattle, 29th September 2023: Police officer Daniel Auderer has been relieved of her patrol duties following her insensitive remarks regarding the tragic death of Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula. Jaahnavi, a student at Northeastern University in South Lake Union, lost her life in a collision with a police vehicle on January 23. The Seattle Police Department officially confirmed the removal of Officer Daniel on Thursday.

The investigation into Officer Daniel’s conduct was initiated after a body camera recording came to light, wherein she was heard making callous comments regarding the value of Jaahnavi’s life, suggesting that the matter could be resolved by issuing a cheque. The release of this clip sparked international outrage, with politicians, lawmakers, and various organizations demanding Officer Daniel’s dismissal from the police service.

Earlier this month, Officer Daniel penned a letter in her defense to the Seattle Police Officers Guild, asserting that her comments were not intended to be malicious.

The incident involving a US police officer’s insensitive remark about the tragic death of an Indian-origin woman in a collision with a police vehicle has garnered significant attention. Members of the South Asian community residing in the United States staged a march at the site of the accident in Seattle, demanding justice for Janhvi Kundala. During the march, participants also had the opportunity to meet with Seattle’s mayor and other senior officials.