‘Vardhaman’ – A ballet tribute to Lord Mahavir by Kalasakta

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Pune, April 4: Offering a tribute to Lord Mahavir, ‘Kalasakta’ a charitable trust is organising a dance ballet titled, ‘Vardhaman’ on Friday, 7th April, 5:30pm onwards at Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Auditorium. Kalasakta which aims at promoting classical dance forms will be presenting this ballet to depict lives of the 24th Tirthankar Lord Mahavir and his karmas in the respective lives. It will depict the continuous cycle of birth, death and rebirth and will also explain the path to Nirvana which is very difficult to achieve. This programme will be a ticketed event.    

This ballet will be in form of classical dance, poetry, songs, instrumental music, dialogues and recitation where a group of 16 dancers will showcase the important ‘Tatvas’ or principles that one must follow in the daily life. Based on the concept of ‘One sows the seed and all eat the fruits. One does good deeds and all reap the benefits’, this programme is an attempt to re-tell these principles, hoping to bring about a change in the mindset of the audiences so that they can introspect and shape their actions in the best possible manner.

During this performance, the audience will witness the entire process of Lord Mahavir becoming a ‘Tirthankar’ and how he too had to pass through all the pains and pleasures and had to wait for 27 lives to attain the Nirvana.  

Kalasakta formed as a tribute to renowned Bharatnatyam Guru Manik Ambike on her 60th birthday is a blend of traditional dance pieces and dance-drama. This group comprises 9 artists like Smita Soman, Pramadwara Kittur, Suvarna Bag, Meghana Sabde, Rachana Kapse, Gauri Daithankar, Gauri Desai, Archana Purandare and Rasika Gumaste. They are the senior disciples of Guru Manik Ambike.