Violent Clash Erupts During Wedding Ritual in Hasanpur

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Hasanpur, 23rd April 2024: A wedding ceremony in Hasanpur took a tumultuous turn as a fight broke out during the traditional shoe-stealing ritual, leading to chaos and injuries. The incident occurred when guests engaged in a violent clash, resulting in damage to property and multiple injuries.

The scuffle erupted during the theft of the groom’s shoes, a customary practice at weddings. The altercation quickly escalated, causing mayhem at the venue. Amidst the commotion, a car was vandalized, and four guests sustained injuries, requiring medical attention.

The situation was promptly reported to the local police, although no formal complaints were filed by either party. Following a mutual agreement, the issue was resolved peacefully. As the wedding ceremony concluded without further disruptions, the bride bid farewell amidst the aftermath of the incident.
Officer Sanoj Pratap Singh confirmed that while the violent episode was reported, no written complaints were lodged for further investigation. The lack of formal grievances resulted in an amicable resolution between the conflicting parties, allowing the event to conclude on a relatively calm note.