WHO Issues Guidelines For Screen Time For Children, Suggests To Take A Break Every Half Hour

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New Delhi, 26th June 2021: In this pandemic, as most things have become online, the children’s screen time has risen more so than ever. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued guidelines for screen time for children. The need for these guidelines has become crucial as most children and even adults spend most of their time on devices like mobiles, laptops, and more.

Children under one year should not be made to sit in front of the screen at all. In addition, they should be sleeping on their stomach for at least half an hour. WHO also said that the more children stay on the stomach the more it is beneficial to their health.

Children aged between one to two years can spend up to one hour in front of the screen. However, it might affect them adversely if they are in front of the screen for more than one hour. Children in this age group should also do some physical activity for at least an hour according to the guidelines issued by the WHO.

The screen time for children between age three to four is the same as the age group one to two. Nevertheless, it is suggested by WHO that their physical activities should be more than that of a 2-year-old child.

The guidelines also say that children above age five can sit in front of the screen for a maximum of two hours. But they do need to take breaks every half hour or after 45 minutes.

It is generally advised to all age groups that regular breaks should be taken and the eyes should be cleaned with cold water.