Women Soldiers In America Can Now Apply Lipstick And Make A Hairstyle

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Washington, January 26, 2021: Women in the US military were prohibited from having long hair or applying lipstick, but they can now groom themselves. On Tuesday, the Pentagon announced that female soldiers could lengthen their hair, colour their nails, and even wear earrings.

With these new rules, women soldiers can grow their hair and make many different hairstyles. For a long time, women soldiers have been requesting changes in grooming rules.

Earlier, the women soldiers with long hair could only tie a bun, which caused inconvenience and made them uncomfortable for wearing helmets. Hence, many of them would cut their hair short.

Under the new policy, long hair must be tied into a ponytail or band in training and tactical situations. Also, female soldiers can make other hairstyles. However, during this time, they have to care that they do not feel uncomfortable and the hairstyle does not interfere with their work.

Now, if women soldiers want, they can also shave their heads. So far, only male soldiers were allowed to shave their heads in the US Army. Earlier, women soldiers were allowed to have short hair, but shaving heads was not allowed.

Apart from this, women soldiers in America can now apply nail polish and lipstick while on duty. However, they have been advised to avoid using colours such as dark blue, black, or red.

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