World Arthritis day  celebrated on 12th Oct 2015

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M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy and Research organized free physiotherapy camp on World Arthritis Day. Arthritis is an emerging social problem. Due to changed daily routine and lifestyle we Indians are facing many health issues like Diabetes,Hypertension, early age arthritis. Sedentary lifestyle and changed foor habits (junk food) is leading to malnutrition and increasing percentage of obesity. Obesity leads to early degeneration of articular cartilage leading to arthritis.

If detected early preventive strategies can be incorporated like regular exercises, life style modification and diet rich in calcium and antioxidants. Physiotherapy has a major role in preventing and treating arthritis. We conducted FREE ARTHRITIS CAMP on 12th Oct2015, Mondaywhere patients were treated free and advised about exercises.

Occasion: World Arthritis Day

Venue:  MME&RC’s M.A. Rangoonwala College of  Physiotherapy and Research

                1st Floor,  Azam Campus camp Pune. 411001

   Date: 12th Oct.2015

   Time: 9am to 4pm

There was good response to the camp. Seventy six patients benefited from the camp. Patients with complains of neck pain back pain, knee pain, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia were assessed and treated  with physiotherapy modalities and exercises. This camp was held under guidance of Dr. N.Y.Kazi, President, M.M.E.&R.C., Dr. Arif Menon, Secretary, M.M.E.&R.C. and under supervision of Dr. Ronika Agrawal, Principal, M.A. Rangoonwala College of Physiotherapy and Research Pune. Patients will continue the further treatment in our OPD regularly.

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