World Homeopathy Day: Homeopathy Is A Boon In Curing Diseases Permanently, Says Dr Vaseem Choudhary  

Dr Vaseem Gaffar Choudhary
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Dr Vaseem Choudhary Gaffar (BHMS, PGDEMS, PGDCD, MD (Homeopathy), who is the Managing Director Of Home Care Clinic, speaks to Punekar News about his vast experience of curing several patients with homeopathy.

Dr Vaseem Choudhary is a renowned homeopath, who has been practicing in Pune for the last 10 years and is widely respected for his qualities and devotion towards caring for his patients.

Born in Pune, he wanted to help and serve humanity since a very young age and thus, focused on his education. 

He received his Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) degree from Dr DY Patil Homeopathic Medical College in Pimpri Pune, graduating with distinction. 

After which, he also pursued his Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Service (PGDEMS) from Noble Hospital Pune in 2010. 

He was so devoted to his profession that he desired to gain more knowledge and got his MD in Materia Medica from Bhagwan Homeopathic Medical College in Aurangabad in 2014.

Currently, he is also into aesthetic treatments after gaining a Post Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Dermatology (PGDCD).

Q. What made you gain interest in Homeopathy?

A. When I was young, I saw many of my family members getting cured by Homeopathic medicines for things even allopathy was unable to do treat. Hence, I was inspired by homeopathic medicines. So since a very young age, I was determined to become a homeopath. 

Q. Who has been your source of inspiration to go ahead in your career?

A. I was a family-oriented person from my childhood. I grew up watching my parents care for my elderly grandparents. My parents had requested our family homeopathic physician to help cure my grandparents’ chronic illness. He helped cure them. I was so inspired by that incident. It became a turning point in my life. It gave me faith and helped me become more dedicated to the medical field, especially homeopathy. 

Q. Can you name some of your achievements in your long medical career?

A. Yes, I would be grateful to share my experience. After treating acute cases for a long time that gave tremendous results and success to my career, I slowly progressed into treating chronic cases like renal failure and cancer. With positive testimonials from my patients who got productive results from my treatment, I became more confident. Even pediatric age group problems like mental retardation, delayed milestones, and childhood obesity showed progressive results in my clinical practice.

Q. How does homeopathy work? What kind of cases have you treated? 

A. The homeopathic system is a combination of three basic points: detail case, taking correct diagnosis, and simillimum remedy based on individualization to get cured. So all these three aspects are important in their niche. I was influenced by treating incurable cases such as chronic asthma, infertility, renal failure, cancer, and many such cases.

Q. How is Homeopathy different from other types of medicines? 

A. The basic principle in homeopathy is to treat a person on basis of individualization, whereas other types of medicines treat only the disease part. We, homeopaths, believe that to achieve a permanent cure, a person should be treated individually. Two different people suffering from the same disease may show different sets of symptoms. So in homeopathy, rather than focusing on the disease, it is essential to treat the patient individually depending on his/her miasmatic concern.

Q. What kind of treatments you focus on and how have patients responded to them?

A. I have treated all age groups, from adolescents to elderly, for both acute and chronic illnesses and the patients have shown 100 per cent pragmatic results and have recovered. 

Q. What are the common myths regarding homeopathy?

A. My patients do have concerns during their first consultation about homeopathic medicines containing steroids. Homeopathic pills are just sugar pills. The medicines yield results very slowly and have too many restrictions. Homeopathic pills cannot be taken with other medicines. You cannot see instant results. however, when my patients are cured by my treatment, that is a satisfactory answer in itself.  

Q. Can homeopathy be considered as a future treatment option for people?

A. Homeopathy is a long-term and permanent treatment showing positive results without any side effects. It is helpful and suitable for all age groups. Hence it will surely be a boon to society. 

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. Since I am a homeopath. I will be more obliged if I get a chance to serve as many patients as I can, including the ones from other cities. I want to help them cure their disease and achieve them in having good health. 

Q. What tips would you like to give to our readers and society in general for their betterment of life?

A. I would advise people to always make to be treated completely for their illness, even if it is a simple cough. If you just treated your problems only superficially then a simple acute form of the disease may get deep-seated in the body which later on can become a chronic illness and make you suffer even more.

The World Homeopathy Day is celebrated each year on April 10 to pay tribute to homoeopathy and its contribution to the world of medicine. The day is observed on the occasion of the birth anniversary of German physician Dr Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy.

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