Yami Gautam Wanted To Become An IAS Officer: A Painful Accident Broke Actress’s Dream

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Friyana Munshi

New Delhi, March 2, 2021: Bollywood actress Yami Gautam wanted to become an IAS officer, but an accident changed her entire life. She had been through a painful road accident. This accident changed her entire life and future. Yami Gautam herself narrated the incident in her recent interview with the English website Bombay Times.

In this interview, she has made a shocking disclosure about her life apart from her film career. That is, Yami has revealed that her neck injury in a road accident changed her entire life in an instant. Although Yami had mentioned the accident briefly on her social media in August last year, however during the interview she spoke about the injury in great detail.

Yami said, ”The incident took place in the morning when I left to go to Chandigarh University. I was on the highway with my two-wheeler. A car driving ahead of me gave the wrong signal. The driver gave a signal to turn to the right but turned his car to the left. Our vehicles collided. I collapsed, while the car driver ran away without stopping for a moment.”

The actress added, “Thankfully I was wearing a helmet. I could not even move, easily I could have come under a car. However, a person helped me and I was able to stand up somehow. The accident occurred in the wintertime. People of North India wear a lot of clothes during this season. Thankfully, I wore a lot of clothes that saved me from external injury. I did not experience any injury externally however I was a victim of internal injury.”

Yami Gautam further said, “The doctor informed me that my neck was fractured. He even said that I will never be able to work-out or exercise in my life. At the time I was dreaming of becoming an IAS officer.” The actress revealed that her neck pain still haunts her.

Significantly, Yami Gautam also did a lot of yoga in lockdown last year to get rid of her neck pain. She shared a picture of herself while doing yoga and talked about the injury. However, Yami Gautam has benefited greatly from doing yoga. She believes that she feels much better now. Yami Gautam is in the headlines for her many upcoming projects these days.