9-year-old Aarav Nallur from TRIO World Academy clears class 10th IGCSE exams

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Bengaluru, 15th August 2019: The Cambridge International on Tuesday announced the results and child prodigy Aarav Nallur a Grade 4 (9 yr old) student from TRIO World Academy wrote IGCSE 10th exam and has scored A grade in Mathematics.

This is a very unusual instance where a 9-year-old boy at such a young age has cleared a grade 10 examination.  Aarav wrote the Grade 10 examinations this May 2019 while he was studying in grade 3. His high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) compared to the other kids of his age made him appear to the Grade 10th examination.

The credit for Aarav’s high score also goes to his mother, Divya Nallur who said that her child has been a bright student since the very beginning. She insisted the school to check up on his IQ and mathematical skills. That is when the mathematics teacher at the school discovered Aarav to be an extra-ordinary kid and made him appear the 10th-grade examinations.

Aarav now is also qualified to appear for the MENSA IQ test, which forms the top 2 percentile of high IQ members across the world.

“We are very proud of our student Aarav Nallur’s achievements. Being a 9-year-old kid and scoring such good results at Grade 10 examinations is very unusual and rare. We on behalf of the school are happy to have a child prodigy like him around us where he is an inspiration to other students as well” said Mr. Naveen K M, Managing Director, Trio World School.