After liquor, now people demand sale of Cigarettes due to its black-marketing

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Sumit Singh

Pune, May 13, 2020: In lockdown 3, the government has not only allowed the opening of liquor shops but now its home delivery has been also permitted. People are now requesting the government to allow the sale of cigarettes. People are complaining that one cigarette is being sold for Rs 50.

Many people are posting their demands on Twitter. “Please allow the sale of cigarettes in Pune. Massive black marketing going on, prices over 4 times, causing huge damage to the economy. If liquor can be allowed then why not cigarettes? Please save us from this torture”, one user posted.

Another person posted, “Liquor sale already started so please allow legal sales of cigarettes. You can keep lockdown for 6 months but please allow us to buy cigarettes. There are selling in the black market 4 times the price so please look into this.”

Someone pointed revenue angle also. “why cigarette is not allowed to sell in Pune? Liquor has been allowed by govt but not cigarette why? Black marketing is rampant causing massive revenue loss why not allow them to sell at Kirana store legally?”

Parvez Musani tweeted, “Black marketing of cigarette is unimaginable. I am forced to buy Rs 278 packet for Rs 800 now. After wine shops, now allow cigarette sale also.”

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