After Making Him Accused Of Her Husband’s Murder, Woman Agrees To Marry Him Now

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Gorakhpur, January 6, 2021: A few days ago, a woman was complaining police officers to take action against her husband’s murderer. Now under the pressure of society, the woman is ready to marry him. This matter of pipiganj area has become a heated topic in the whole area.

It is said that the frightened young man proposed marriage to protect himself. The woman could not reject the offer, in the hope of getting a father for her children. Not only she forgave him, but she also withdrew her complaint. However, the man has not been proved guilty yet.

According to police, 35-year-old Janardan Prasad, a resident of ward number one of Pipiganj Nagar Panchayat, left the house on the evening of December 28. Later, his dead body was found on the railway track near Goliganj. Janardan’s wife accused the young man of murdering her husband. The Pipiganj police detained the man but released him as the postmortem report revealed the train accident was the cause of the death.

When the police did not take any action, Janardan’s wife wrote an application to the SSP on January 4 and demanded action. She alleged that leaders of political parties of her ward had beaten and threw her husband on the track. She further stated that the young man had a relationship with her and accused killed her husband as he was coming in between their relationship.

The SSP directed the pipigang police to investigate the case. However, on Tuesday, the police came to know about the agreement. The woman stated that she is a single mother of three children and hence agreed when people asked her to compromise. Both parties reached an agreement at the police station. However, she demands the police to take a guarantee for any dreadful incident.