After Three Food Joints Sealed In Camp, Owners Flock To Pune Cantonment Board For Trade Licences; Notices Issued To 32 Establishments

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Mubarak Ansari

Camp, 18th September 2021: In the last two days, Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has sealed three food joints – Grand Dilli Darbar, Sujata Mastani and Shegaon Kachori – in Camp for allegedly flouting rules. They were found operating without required trade licences.

The PCB has launched a crackdown against about 700 establishments suspected to be operating without valid trade licences. PCB has already served notices to 32 establishments.

PCB CEO Amit Kumar said that the action is being taken keeping in mind the safety of the people.

“There have been two major fire incidents at Fashion Street and Shivaji Market this year. Fire safety and hygiene are major concerns. 32 establishments have been served notices. Meanwhile, 24 applications have been received for the trade licence”, he said.

The PCB CEO also clarified that the old establishments (those operating since before Cantonment Act 2006 came into force) are also required to obtain the licences.

The PCB on Friday afternoon sealed Grand Dilli Darbar restaurant and Sujata Mastani. Today the health department sealed Shegaon Kachori.

According to PCB officials, the traders have to apply for licences on its website without visiting the office.

List of Hotels on PCB radar


  1. Bangalore Café.
  2. Spring Gold Bakery.
  3. Bhivandi Darbar.
  4. Ziyon Events (above Jammu & Kashmir bank).


  1. Dilli Darbar.
  2. Taste of China.
  3. Abiz Kitchen.
  4. Suleman Usman Mithaiwala
  5. Pune Darbar.


  1. Modern Kitchen.
  2. Modern Foods


  1. Cafe Taiba.
  2. Cafe Kaz.


  1. J.M Café.
  2. Hotel Sharayu (closed)


  1. Barista
  2. Yana Sizzlers
  3. KNS Sandwich.
  4. Crazy Chees
  5. Yumma Swami. (Atur Chambers)



  1. Sahana Veg.
  2. Sahaji Paratha House.
  3. EffenGut to go cafe.
  4. Mughals.
  5. Wow Momos.
  6. Time luck.
  7. Cafe Herald.
  8. Shegoan Kachori.
  9. Baskin Robbins.
  10. On the leaf.
  11. Sujata Mastani
  12. Times Square. (Sholapur Road)