AIIMS Scandal: Delhi Police Arrests Four Medical Students For NEET Fraud

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New Delhi, 5th July 2023: Four medical students from AIIMS have been arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly engaging in fraudulent activities related to the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) 2023. The arrested students are accused of accepting Rs 7 lakh from NEET aspirants, assuming their identities, and appearing for the medical entrance examination on their behalf. Instead of monetary compensation, the arrested students chose to take the exam themselves.

Naresh Bishroi, a second-year medical student from AIIMS, was identified as the mastermind behind this operation. According to a report by Outlook, Naresh offered money to students from his institution to join his gang. He allegedly approached first-year medical students and requested them to take the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test on behalf of his clients, who paid him a sum of Rs 7 lakh.

Sanju Yadav, Mahavir, Jitendra, and Naresh Bishroi were apprehended by the Delhi police. Sanju Yadav, a first-year Radiology student at AIIMS Delhi, was caught attempting to take an admission exam for a client. Mahavir and Jitendra, both AIIMS Delhi students, were detained in Nagpur. The police have confiscated their phones and laptops to aid in the investigation.

During the investigation, Bishroi allegedly confessed to receiving Rs 7 lakh from the examinees in exchange for his services. The police are currently probing whether any additional students are involved in this scam. Frauds and cheating incidents during the NEET are not uncommon. Last year, the Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI) uncovered a similar racket involving eight individuals in NEET 2022.

According to the investigation, the NEET 2022 racket seemed to be an interstate scandal with suspected connections in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Maharashtra. The exam solvers in this scheme would ask their clients to share their login details and passwords, enabling them to download the aspirants’ admit cards. These solvers would then manipulate the admit cards by replacing the student’s photo with that of the imposter who would take the exam on their behalf.

Following their plan, when the imposter arrived at the exam hall, the staff would only verify the admit card and compare the face with the person present, allowing them to easily gain entry. To secure a seat in medical colleges or achieve high scores in NEET, the gang members would demand a minimum of Rs 20 lakh. A portion of this amount, approximately Rs 4-5 lakh, would be given to medical college students or coaching institute experts who would disguise themselves as students and write the exam, as revealed in the investigation.