Aposan pump brings normalcy in 69 year old Parkinson’s disease patients life

69-year-old Dr. Vendanapu Venkateswarlu, a resident of Vijayawada and doctor by profession was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, a central nervous system disorder that adversely affected his movements. Dr. Venkateshwarlu was bedridden for almost 6 months, after the use of APOSANâ pump, the doctor is now back to his normal routine.

The APOSANâ pump is an infusion pump specially designed for continuous subcutaneous infusion of Apomorphine in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The pump delivers medication throughout the day to treat motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson’s disease, which are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson medication. The APOSANâ infusion pump provides Apomorphine HCL (5mg/ml).

Says Dr. Naveen Thota, MD (General Medicine) D.M, Neurology, Consultant Neurologist, ANU Institute of Neuro and Cardiac “As Parkinson’s disease progresses, the Dopamine storage in the brain becomes increasingly compromised narrowing the therapeutic window for therapy and leading to motor fluctuations. The APOSANâ pump is a continuous, subcutaneous infusion of Apomorphine that bypasses the dysfunctional Gastrointestinal (GI) tract to distribute a continuous, accurate the concentration of Dopamine receptor stimulation, for continuous and reliable medication. Dr. Venkateswarlu was suffering from advanced-stage Parkinson’s where treatment becomes a big challenge. We are happy to note that APOSANâ worked really well on him which has tremendously improved his quality of life.”

Rusan Pharma Ltd. is the first Indian company to indigenously develop, manufacture and market the drug Apomorphine in India to manage the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease. They are also the only Indian company to receive approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI).

“Being a doctor, I understand the nuances of Parkinson’s Disease much better than a layman, as to how and why a patient’s condition deteriorates by the day, especially when one is in her / his silver years. My condition was really bad, and my age was not apt for complicated treatment procedures. APOSANâ has come to my rescue as the ideal medication for me. The drug is release through the pump which is compact, light-weight with a smart design that protects it from light and other external influences. It has got an ergonomic keypad for elderly hands and a backlit display panel that is ideal for viewing by elderly people. Thanks to the APOSANâ , today I can confidently say that normalcy has returned in my life,” says Dr. Venkateswarlu (the patient)

APOSANâ is used for the treatment of motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson’s Disease which are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson’s medication currently available in India. APOSANâ is today available in the form of injections, pen, and continuous infusion pumps.