Are you resident of Pune city? This is how you can get vehicle pass for office or emergency travel

Pune police check people during lockdown.
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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 13 July 2020: There will be a curfew for the next 10 days from July 14 to 23 in Pune city. Only people with a pass from Pune city police will be allowed to move out of their homes. However, the procedure of getting passes have been simplified for employees of IT companies and industrial units. Their HR head will issue them vehicle pass and send their details to police through company association. They will not require separate pass from police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Bachchan Singh said, “Pune city police will give digital passes through its web portal ( as per guidelines in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) lockdown order. The SEVA cell is facilitating the whole process. People will be issued pass for emergency travel only.”

For employees of IT companies and industrial units, he said, “Pune City police will be taking assistance of a few associations (MCCIA / SEAP / Nasscom / CREDAI/ NAREDCO) from whom the number of requests will be substantial for facilitating the passes approvals. The objective is to facilitate the passes approval process smoothly and efficiently in coordination with the above associations.  One representative of each of these associations have been given access to the web-portal and they can approve company-related requests as per lockdown guidelines. The member companies can send data to the association with a copy to Pune police email id. The approvals can be done by the association representative himself in consultation with Pune city police, as per lockdown orders.”

For IT companies which are not a member of any association can email their requests in the given format (after applying on web portal) – Name/ designation / mobile no. / token number and share with

Works which are allowed by Pune Metro, Smart City etc., the letter given by the concerned authority will be considered valid. The industries permitted by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation(MIDC) will not need separate passes and their permission will be considered valid. Subject to lockdown guidelines about e-commerce, home delivery services (Zomato, Swiggy etc.), their earlier passes will be auto-extended when these activities are allowed (from July 19).

DCP Singh added, “PMC order regarding lockdown is clear about allowed and not-allowed categories, and should be adhered to. People should follow lockdown guidelines and not roam around without any reason. Police will continue enforcement actions as done earlier also.”

PMC Commissioner writes to companies, industrial units: Today, PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar issued a letter to all industrial units, IT companies informing them about various dos and don’ts. All industrial establishments will continue to operate during the said period as per the rules. The IT industry can be started with 15% staff capacity. If possible, the work from home option should be used. 

“Before allowing employees in the company, their body temperature should be checked and they should be admitted only if they are within the appropriate limits. It is mandatory to use sanitizer, mask and keep social distance as well as comply with the relevant rules and regulations. The company should take care that the employees do not come from the containment zone. It will be the responsibility of the company and the employees concerned to know whether the area is a containment zone or not. In case of violation of the terms and conditions, action will be taken against the concerned employees and the company. Also, the vehicle pass will be revoked immediately. The vehicle pass issued to the employees should be issued on the letterhead of the company only. Otherwise, the pass will not be considered”, Kumar stated in the letter.

He further said, “The HR department head of the concerned establishment/company has to issue the vehicle pass on the letterhead of the company for the officers/workers working in the establishment. They are being authorized for that. Information on the passes issued by the company should be submitted to the concerned Commissioner of Police and Police Station in-charge. It is being made mandatory for the company workers to carry the company’s identity card and the vehicle pass provided by the company during the journey to and from work. However, in the case of finding Covid-19 patient in an industrial establishment, it will be mandatory for the company to do COVID test of all the workers in the unit at its own cost. In the meantime, the concerned unit should be kept closed. It should be reactivated only after completion of the test and disinfection of the unit concerned. Only employees living outside the containment zone will be allowed to work.”

The company has to issue vehicle pass in the following format :

                                                               Vehicle Pass

This is to certify that the following employee is working in our company and this pass is being issued for coming to the company and going back.

1) Name of the employee –

Address –

Mobile Number –

2) Employee ID number –

3) Vehicle number –

4) From where to where –

5) Working hours –

6) This pass will be valid from 14th July 2020 to 23rd July 2020.

This pass has been issued as per the PMC Commissioner’s order MCO/SaPraVi/2361 dated 12/07/2020. You have been given permission to commute to and from the company and if this pass is misused, this pass will be cancelled immediately.


H.R. / Manager’s name


Designation and seal

PMC order



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