Assistant Loco Pilot Risks His Life To Reset The Alarm Chain Knob Of Train Over Bridge

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Mumbai, 7th May 2022: The Central Railway from their official Twitter account tweeted a video on May 5. In a video, Senior Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) Sathish Kumar can be seen crawling under the Godan Express.




A video that went viral on social media captured the dedication of Kumar who was trying to pull out Chhapra-bound to reset the alarm chain knob from a train that was reportedly abandoned on a river bridge. Kumar entered the place from a very narrow gap between the wheel and other underbelly tools.




The Central Railway’s chief spokesperson Shivaji Sutar informed that some miscreants had pulled an alarming chain which resulted in a blocking of train on the Kalu river bridge between Titwala and Khadavali. “It was required to reset the knob of the second-last coach of the train to restart the train in which the alarm knob was pulled,” he added further.




“To reset the alarm chain knob, Mr. Kumar risked his life by crawling under the train over the river bridge after evaluating the seriousness of the situation,” Sutar stated.




Senior railway officials praised Mr. Kumar for his dedication to his responsibility to resume the journey at a crucial time and for controlling any delay in following trains running on the route.




Sutar on behalf of the Central Railway requested passengers not to pull alarm chains carelessly. “166 cases have been registered by The Railway Protection Force (RPF) and 113 persons testified in the court in the alarm knob pulling cases recovering Rs 5 thousand,” the official said.




He further added that repeated announcements were also made at stations by the time of the incident.