Ayushmann Khurrana Shares Mesmerizing Meteor Shower Experience Near Pune

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Pune, 16th December 2023: Popular Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana sparked excitement among his followers by unveiling breathtaking photographs of a meteor shower he witnessed on the outskirts of Pune. Taking to Instagram late Thursday, the star enthralled fans with vivid images capturing the celestial phenomenon.

Captioning the post, Khurrana shared, “Witnessed a meteor shower last night in the outskirts of Pune with a curious nerdy fun bunch.” He further reminisced, “Last time we did this was on exactly the same date, six years back, at the wrap party of Andhadhun.”

The Van Gogh-esque visuals left admirers captivated, with one fan expressing, “This is breathtaking,” while another commented on the post’s aesthetic appeal.

Reflecting on the event, one enthusiast shared their astonishment, “Wow. How lucky. I remember my elder one travelling all the way to Bharatpur, and he could spot only one meteor.” Excitement soared as a fan exclaimed, “You’re in PUNE????” upon learning about the actor’s presence in the city.

In a reflection on his professional journey in 2023, Khurrana expressed profound gratitude for the recognition by TIME Magazine, highlighting the significance of representing Indian cinema on the global stage.

However, amidst career triumphs, the year bore personal tragedy as Khurrana mourned the loss of his father. Speaking candidly about the emotional rollercoaster, he revealed, “2023 has given me a mixed bag of emotions honestly. Personally, I have suffered a great loss. I lost my father, we all lost our reason to smile. We had to hold each other to soak in that sinking, empty feeling and tide over insurmountable sorrow.”