“Bajirao Mastani” Costume Designer Chandrakant Sonawane Selects Six Designers From INIFD Deccan Pune For His Upcoming Movie.

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Pune, February 2016: Chandrakant Sonawane, the lead costume designer for the latest Bollywood flick “Bajirao Mastani,” recently conducted a full day workshop where he displayed his actual collections and designs of the movie Bajirao Mastani for the students of INIFD Deccan. After the workshop, Chandrakant interviewed students and appreciated their portfolios. He finalized a total of six students for his next upcoming movie, where he is the lead costume designer. The workshop was witnessed by over two hundred and fifty aspiring fashion designers, mentors, and INIFD Deccan Director, Mr.Amit Agrawal.

Experience working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali-

Chandrakant is an alumnus of INIFD Deccan. He narrated his experiences as a student at INIFD Deccan with the aspiring designers. He shared his initial story and then moved on to the ‘BajiraoMastani’ anecdotes. “One fine day I got an opportunity to show my designs to the Bhansali Team, after a lot of efforts and after showcasing the designs to the team, I was given an opportunity to meet the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for five minutes. It was such a precious moment to me.” Chandrakant worked with his colleagues to design around 12,000 costumes, 2000 sketches, 128 presentations, fabrics and other arts that became part of the celebrated and appreciated movie Bajirao Mastani.

“The experience was a life-time and a great learning opportunity. Sanjay Bhansali sir is very careful regarding the designs and wants them perfect. He would ask for various options and then settle for the final one. It was a dream-come-true for me to work along with Sanjay Leela Bhansali,” says  Chandrakant Sonawane.

Amit Agrawal, Director, INIFD Deccan said during the workshop, “It cannot get better than this. Our own student has brought us laurels and came back to mentor these students. Chandrakant has finalized six students is a big news for all of us. These young budding designers have got a phenomenal platform, and I am sure they will make us proud like Chandrakant, and come back to mentor and inspire others here at INIFD Deccan Pune.

 Students who were selected –

The names of finalized students are Aiman Jinedi, Yousra Shaikh, Apurva Pawar, Nikita Shukla, Akshima Jain and Megha Sarwan, all are students of INIFD Deccan Pune.