Bank Deducted Money From Account, Customer Sits on Dharna With Pillow And Mattress At Branch

customer sits in bank branch after deduction from account
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Rajkot, January 9, 2021: You must have read much news about the delay in the functioning of the bank, but in Rajkot, Gujarat, when a bank deducted money from an account, the customer took a pillow-mattress and sat on a dharna in the bank branch itself. He was upset with the bank deducting Rs 1.62 lakh from the account.

According to him, he had been explaining to the officers for the last 10 days about his situation, but no one listened. Frightened by this unique protest, the bank deposited the money back into the account within 24 hours.

The case is of the Rajkot District Panchayat Chowk area branch. Vikasbhai Doshi, a resident of the nearby area, has a current account in this branch. The bank had sought the CS certificate of the institution from Vikasbhai. Account holder Vikasbhai Doshi stated that he had submitted the relevant documents asked by the bank in the new format.

Despite this, 1.62 lakh rupees were deducted from his account. In this regard, he was explaining his situation to the bank for 10 consecutive days but was not given any reply. Troubled by this process, he had to take this step. Here, sitting on a dharna in the bank caused panic in the Rajkot branch. Account holder Vikasbhai sat in the branch for six hours. However, a day later, the bank returned Rs 1.39 lakh by the evening. But the amount of GST which was deducted on the amount deducted in the name of the charge has not been returned till now.

On this matter, the relationship manager of Yes Bank, Rishabhbhai Vas said that the customer was asked for a CS certificate. He submitted the document on 30 December. He was charged on 31 December. Documents provided by the account holder were delayed in approval. 

According to Vas, the customer has also asked for an apology. They have sent the Mumbai office information in this regard. At the same time, Rishabhbhai Vas said that such an incident of deducting money from the account has happened to him prior to this as well.