Chaos At Kabul Airport: People Hanging From Wheels Of Aeroplane, Many Dead After Falling

Chaos At Kabul Airport, Many Dead
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Kabul, 16th August 2021: With the arrival of the Taliban, there is fear among a large section of the people of Afghanistan. The people there are restlessly trying hard to go to other countries.


In this sequence, a heart-wrenching incident came to light today. Due to not getting a seat inside the aeroplane going to the United States of America (USA), people hung from its wheel, but they died shortly after falling.


A video from Kabul International Airport is going viral, in which people are running while US Air Force C-17 aeroplane is taking off. Many people climbed the wings.


This clearly shows the extent to which there is fear in the minds of the people about the Taliban. The people of Afghanistan are in such a hurry to leave the country that they left without caring for their lives, even after sitting on the wings of the aircraft but died shortly after taking off. A video shows two people falling down.


On Monday, people also died in firing at the passenger terminal of Kabul Airport. At Hamid Karzai International Airport, the US Army opened fire in the air, to stop the crowd of people. Witnesses say it is not yet clear whether eight people died in the stampede or were shot. All commercial services at the airport have been suspended, flights have been allowed only for citizens of the UK, US and other western countries.