Chinese soldier caught at the Indian border at LAC in Ladakh returned to China

India China border dispute
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Ladakh, January 11, 2021: On January 8, a Chinese soldier who crossed the LAC into the Indian border was returned to the Chinese army in Chushul today, the Indian Army informed. 

A Chinese soldier was captured by the Indian Army on Friday after crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and entering Indian Territory on the southern bank of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh.

This soldier of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China crossed the LAC and reached Ladakh, India. He was taken into custody by the soldiers of India stationed there. China claimed that their soldier had lost his way. According to media reports, China had made a lot of requests to India to return its soldier.

This is the second such incident in nearly three months, informed the Indian authorities on Saturday. A Chinese soldier was caught at a time when there was tension between the two sides after a clash between the two sides near Pangong Lake in early May. Due to this tension, a large number of troops have been deployed in East Ladakh by the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army of China.