Curfew allows Canadians to walk dogs and woman walks out with her husband on a leash

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Canada, January 13, 2021: The lockdown is still imposed in many countries around the world due to the Coronavirus. People are trying to get out by making bizarre excuses much like this one in Quebec, Canada. A woman tied a leash around her husband’s neck and took him out for a walk. The policemen have also imposed fines while taking action on both.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, a curfew has been imposed in Quebec, Canada for four weeks. This curfew is implemented only at night, due to which people are not allowed to leave there after eight o’clock and before five in the morning. However, the administration has, in the meantime, relaxed the curfew for people carrying essentials and those who wish to walk their pet dogs.

To get out of the house in the curfew, a woman tied a dog’s leash around her husband’s neck and took him on a stroll. The report quoted the local newspaper saying that the woman was turning her partner on Sherbrooke’s King Street East when police arrived there. When the woman asked the police about this, she explained that she was ‘walking with her dog’. Isabel Gendron of the police department said that the couple was not cooperating with the police at all.

Police charged the couple with heavy fines for violating the curfew. Both were fined $2400 (approximately Rs. 1,37,900), each one being fined $1200. At the same time, cases of coronavirus have increased rapidly in Canada in the last few weeks. So far 17,000 people have died due to the pandemic in the country. The heavy penalty is imposed on the curfew breakers. The police fined 750 people in the first week. All of these were in violation of the Night Curfew.

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