Dealerships Hide These Things From Customers While Selling Cars, Know Before You Buy

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New Delhi, 2nd July 2021: When you go to buy a car, the showroom gives you all the information about the car which includes the car model, its price, features and mileage etc. However, even after giving this much information, many times the dealerships of some car companies do not share information with the customers which can prove beneficial for them.

Even though there is no festive season, discounts on most cars continue to run. This includes benefits like cash discount, extended warranty, servicing or accessories. However, sometimes companies do not give you these necessary details. Many times the dealerships do not convey the offers given by the companies, which lead to the customer loss.

You would probably think till today that car companies sell cars at a fixed price, which is not right. Actually, the car does not have a fixed price, so bargaining can always be done while buying a car at dealerships. You can get a discount of 10 thousand rupees or more in the price of the car, but it completely depends on your negotiation.

There are many accessories offered while buying a car, which many times the dealerships are not aware of and instead ask you to buy a paid accessories plan which can cost between Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh. This may harm the customers. It is very important for the customers wanting to buy a car.