Dehu Road Administration Ignores Long-Term Disadvantages of Illegal Speed Breakers, Raises Questions Over Weakness in System Control

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Dehu Road, 17th April 2023: Following demands from citizens, the Dehu Nagar Panchayat administration has installed six rubber speed breakers at Malwadi. However, there are already 29 speed breakers in the cantonment area within a distance of 3.5 km on the Palkhi route, making a total of 35-speed breakers in the five km stretch between Dehu and Dehu Road. This has caused traffic congestion and increased the time it takes to cover the distance to 25 minutes.

While speed breakers may ease public anger temporarily, their long-term disadvantages are being ignored by the high court and Indian Road Congress. There is a lack of consideration for the types of speed breakers needed and where. Citizens’ demands have been manipulated by arbitrary administration, raising questions about the system controlling it.

Additionally, potholes on the road are not being filled, and sewage excavating chambers are not being closed properly after laying pipelines or cables, causing many citizens to suffer from neck, back, and spine diseases due to irregular traffic jams.

The number of vehicle damages due to wrongly and illegally installed speed breakers has increased, with engines of small cars being jolted hard. Indian Road Science norms must be implemented for the construction of speed breakers, with criteria on how to set up a speed breaker, how much distance there should be when constructing two-speed breakers on the same road, and how high they should be.

After constructing the speed breaker, it is necessary to paint thermoplastic paint strips and white strips on it, along with a notice board placed on the road at a distance of 40 meters before the speed breakers to inform motorists. The court had directed that there should be no traffic jams on the national highway, but rumbling-type speed breakers should be constructed to control accidents. The height of these speed breakers should be from 2.5 to ten centimeters, the length should be 3.5 centimeters, and the circular area should be 17 meters.


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