Delhi: Police Seized 160 kg Ganja, Showed One Kg And Sold The Rest, Released Smuggler After Taking Bribe

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Karishma Jha

New Delhi, September 26, 2020: Four policemen of Jahangirpuri police station have embarrassed the face of Delhi Police in shame. They took a bribe from a drug peddler and released him. Not only this, 160 kg of marijuana (Ganja) recovered from him was sold in the black market.

Officials said on Friday that two sub-inspectors were also among the four policemen. Now the investigation is being done on how much marijuana was recovered from the peddler named Anil.

On September 11, the four policemen showed seizure of about one kilo of marijuana and sold the rest. Anil had acquired the marijuana from Odisha and was apprehended during a raid but was released after bribing the police. The cops took Rs 1.5 lakh from him.

Anil was questioned when the incident came to light and Anil exposed the policemen who raided him. DCP (North-West) Vijayanta Arya said that ACP (Operations) is investigating in the case. Both sub-inspectors and two head constables have been suspended.