Discharge Of Water From Chinchani Dam Into Ghod River; Farmers From Pune, Ahmednagar To Get Benefit From Same

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Pune, 11th March 2023: Water Irrigation Department has released 1410 cusecs of water from Chinchani dam into the Ghod river. The farmers of Ahmednagar district and Pune district are satisfied with the release of water.

Five dams have been constructed for agriculture and drinking water on the Ghod river from Shirasgaon Kata, Gandhale Mala, to Sangvi, taluka Srigonda. Thousands of acres of agriculture on Wadi Wasti in many villages of Shirur and Srigonda talukas have come under irrigation. But due to the dams drying up, the crops of the farmers in this area started burning. This agriculture is dependent on water from dams constructed on the Ghod river.

Farmers have diverted water to agriculture in this area by implementing individual and community irrigation schemes from the dam area of ​​the Ghod river. In February itself, at the beginning of summer, all these dams were lying dry. By filling the dams with water, the water problem of the farmers will be solved. Farmers have expressed satisfaction as water will be available for crops in summer.