Diversification Is Key To Wealth Creation: Happy Investing

Janak Shital Shah
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Janak Shital Shah

MD, Star Financials

Pune, 24th January 2023In 1988, we ventured into the noble profession of Personalized Financial Planning, Investment Services, and Stock Broking & IPOs. Considering the needs of our clients, we expanded our activities in Mutual Fund Investment Guidance in 1992. Today, we have an association with over 2,000 satisfied family clients benefiting from our innovative investment ideas and professional services. We have 10 people working with us today, including three in a research team. We also have a well-equipped high-tech IT-enabled office with the latest innovations in our software and websites. We have developed our mobile app for our existing and new investors to track their portfolios & latest updates in the investment world.

A mutual fund is an investment vehicle that pools money from investors with a common investment objective. A professional fund management team, low expense ratio, diversification across asset classes, high liquidity, and economies of scale highlight the feature and common objectives to accomplish goals through mutual funds. We can create wealth and also forgo the market risk factor by a technique called averaging, which can be achieved through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Transfer Plan (STP).

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