Doctor Commits Suicide After Giving Poisonous Injection To Wife And Children – Writes In Suicide Note

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Friyana Munshi

Ahmednagar, February 20, 2021: Prominent doctor Mahendra Thorat of Rashin in Karjat taluka died by suicide after injecting his wife and two children with drugs. It is stated in the suicide note that he took this decision with the consent of his deaf child. He wishes to donate his wealth to an organization working for deaf children, Thorat expressed in the letter.

Dr Thorat owns a hospital in Rashin. He was found dead in his family residence today. His wife Varsha, sons Krishna (age 16) and Kaivalya (age 7) were found dead. Earlier, police said that Thorat had killed the three by injecting them with poisonous drugs and hanged himself.

Police have found a letter in Thorat’s house. It is being observed that this kind of incident happened due to the deafness of the eldest son Krishna. “We are saying goodbye to you forever today,” the letter said.

“Krishna cannot hear. We have been suffering for many days. Krishna does not care about anything. However, he never speaks. We cannot bear his grief. Therefore, everyone has taken this decision with consent. No one should be held directly or indirectly responsible for this. We don’t think it’s appropriate to do so, but there is no cure. Forgive us,” the letter said.

Krishna was a cricketer. He was sent to a sports institute in Pune for education. He underwent a lot of treatment so that he could be able to hear. However, it did not succeed. He was also given hearing aids. It wasn’t working either. Dr. Thorat is a native of Baradgaon Dagdi village near Rashin. Upon arriving in Rashin, he started a hospital. It was functioning well. However, today, all of a sudden, he took this extreme step, which is causing a stir in the taluka.