Don’t Get Inspired By Characters Like ‘Singham’ : PM Modi Warns Young IPS Officers

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacting with the IPS Probationers during Dikshant Parade at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy, through video conferencing, in New Delhi on September 04, 2020.
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New Delhi, September 5, 2020: Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised the IPS officers don’t get inspired by characters like ‘Singham’. Be true to your uniform. The newly joined police officers get inspired by such characters and fail to serve the people.

The new generation feels people should fear them and at the anti-social elements should bow before them. This has fixed in their minds and this feeling diverts them from their duty”, added PM.

Prime Minister Modi interacted, through video-conference, with IPS Probationers during the ‘Dikshant Parade Event’ at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP NPA) yesterday.

He also warned the officers against indulging in anti-social activities. Appreciating the role of police during the Covid-19 pandemic, PM Modi said, “the humanity shown by the police during the trying times like singing songs for the people in distress, helping patients to reach hospitals, distributing food etc. was worth a pat on the back.”

Praising the people from Jammu-Kashmir, he said, “the women police officers can stop the youths who get inspired by extremists by taking help from mothers and young children.”

He further said that the women police officers can work effectively and can provide a safe environment for our girls in the society. Similarly, they can bring back the youths who differed from their paths.

“The trainee police officers should be proud of their uniform rather than showing it off. Don’t lose the respect towards your uniform especially during this Covid-19 times when the police have shown their humane side to the society”, he emphasized.

“The moment you are out of the academy, the way to look at you will change in one night. Here, you are in a secure environment, but as you will step out, things would change for you. Your image will be itched in the minds and wherever you will work, that image will follow you”, he reprehended.


The PM wished the IPS probationers for completing their training with success. He said it is very important that the probationers should be proud of their uniform instead of flexing power out of it. “Never lose respect for your Khaki uniform. The human face of the Khaki uniform has been engraved in the public memory due to the good work done by police especially during this Covid-19,” he said.

The Prime Minister advised the probationers to develop the skill to identify the chaff out of the grain. He asked them to not lock their ears but to be able to filter the things that they hear. “Do not put locks on your ears but place a filter instead. Only when filtered things go to your brain, it will help you, sift garbage and keep your heart clean.”

The Prime Minister urged the probationers to develop a sense of belongingness and pride in every station they are posted. He urged the probationers to show compassion on the general public. He said, winning the hearts of the people through compassion rather than controlling them through fear will last long.


The Prime Minister stressed on the importance of constabulary intelligence helping in solving a crime. He urged the probationers to use the technology to the maximum possible extent while not forgetting the importance of the ground level intelligence inputs. He added there is no dearth of information, big data and artificial intelligence. Prime Minister termed information available on social media is an asset.