Father Hangs Son Upside Down From Fan For Not Doing Homework

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Rajasthan, 26th November 2021: A father hangs his son upside down for not doing homework in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The merciless father did not stop here. After hanging the son upside down, he brought a stick to kill him and as soon as he started hitting him, the mother came in the middle and saved him.

Instead of completing the homework, the 8-year-old went to play. When his father came to know about this, his hands and feet were tied with a rope. After this, he hung him upside down and kept abusing the child. During this, the child kept pleading repeatedly not to hang him upside down. When the father came to beat him with the stick, his mother stopped the father.

The father had behaved this way with the child in the past as well. To teach him a lesson, the child’s mother started recording by placing a mobile outside the window and went inside and pretended to support her husband.

The entire incident was recorded on mobile. The child’s mother reached Jogania Mata in Chittorgarh from Bundi on Tuesday with the child and called her brother there and gave the recording. Along with this, he also sent the child with his brother. The child is now with his maternal uncle. Brother Chandrabhan called Child Line and informed them about all this.

The child’s maternal uncle told that the brother-in-law used to beat up the child and his mother every day. The child is 8-years-old now and has a younger sister who is 5-years-old. The child is smart in studies but sometimes plays during the day and does homework in the evening, but his father wants him to do homework as soon as he comes from school.

Police are investigating the case.

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