Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod resigns due to Pooja Chavan’s case

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Mumbai, February 28, 2021: Sanjay Rathod finally had to resign from his ministry post due to the Pooja Chavan case. Rathod met his wife at Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s Varsha residence. After discussions between the two, Rathod tendered his resignation to the Chief Minister. After the meeting with the Chief Minister, Rathod appeared before the media and clarified his role behind his resignation.


After handing over his resignation to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray in the Pooja Chavan case, Forest Minister Sanjay Rathod spoke to the media. “I have submitted my resignation to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Pooja Chavan, a young woman from the Banjara community, has passed away tragically a few days ago. From this, the opposition tried to do play dirty politics through social media. Tried to discredit me, my community. This was a way to get me out of politics” Rathod said.


“What I have done in the last 30 years in the social and political spheres has been demolished. I have said this before. This is my demand for an impartial inquiry into the whole matter. This is what I want investigated. I have a role to play in setting aside and investigating this matter. Let the truth come out. I have also spoken to the Chief Minister in this regard. That is why I have resigned, ”explained Sanjay Rathod



What happened before he resigned?


The opposition BJP had warned that it would not allow the assembly to proceed if no action was taken against Rathod. The assembly is to be held tomorrow and (February 28). Today Sanjay Rathod visited Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray at his official residence in Varsha. At around 2.30 pm, Sanjay Rathod along with his wife Sheetal and brother-in-law Sachin Naik went to Varsha Bungalow. They had a discussion and Rathod demanded an inquiry into the matter and then submitted his resignation to the Chief Minister.

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