From Pune to Delhi: The G20 Odyssey of Rucha Limaye

Rucha Limaye
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Pune, 27th September 2023: In a world where youth are increasingly leaving their mark on international platforms and rewriting records, one young woman’s journey stands out as an inspiring testament to resilience and ambition.

Meet Rucha Limaye, a 25-year-old dynamo who was part of the G20 meetings and also made a remarkable leap from Pune to Delhi, conquering challenges and leaving an indelible mark on India’s global engagements.

Limaye’s story is a beacon of determination, symbolizing the triumph of tenacity over adversity. Hailing from Pune, Limaye seized the opportunity to relocate to the bustling national capital and work at the G20 Secretariat, where she played an instrumental role in orchestrating meetings that showcased India’s rich culture. Her contributions in Maharashtra and Tripura laid the groundwork for a prestigious first presidency of India, spearheaded by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations under the aegis of the Ministry of External Affairs.

With remarkable zeal and youthful energy, Limaye, the lone representative from Pune, embarked on a journey that saw her participating in more than 15 G20 meetings. These gatherings brought together diverse ministries and engagement groups from 19 countries and the European Union, uniting to address critical global economic issues, from international financial stability to climate change mitigation and sustainable development.

Describing the essence of the G20, Limaye explains, “G20 represents a convergence of 19 countries and the European Union, including Argentina, who come together to deliberate on pressing matters concerning the global economy.”

Maharashtra played host to over 10 of these meetings, scattered across vibrant cities such as Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, and Nagpur. The diverse landscape of the state offered an immersive experience for delegates, showcasing varied culinary traditions, rich cultural heritage, and unique lifestyles.

Limaye further reveals that the heart of Maharashtra’s culture was palpable during the Gala dinner, a showcase of the state’s history and traditions. The evening extravaganza featured an array of performances, from folk dances to classical music, showcasing more than 20 distinct art forms. Collaborating with the Ministry of External Affairs, the Maharashtra state department of culture orchestrated an unforgettable cultural spectacle that resonated with delegates.

“For delegates and organizers alike, these cultural expressions were a source of immense joy, fostering camaraderie and strengthening relationships,” Limaye remarks. The power of culture was evident as delegates, weary from long meetings, immersed themselves in lavani, gondhal, Indian classical dances, and the vibrant rhythms of dhol tasha vadan, revealing a shared joy in India’s rich cultural heritage.

Limaye’s remarkable journey stretches beyond her G20 accomplishments. A double master’s degree holder in Political Science and Journalism, she has also made impactful contributions as a journalist, covering solution-oriented stories from across the country. She has not only been a writer for visually impaired students but has also empowered blind girls through education in subjects like Political Science.

Adding to her list of achievements, Limaye is a state-national level yoga instructor accredited by the Ayush Ministry and a skilled Kathak dancer. At 25, she proudly represented India on the global stage, delivering a speech in South Korea and witnessing Indian artists weave the country’s rich cultural tapestry through captivating performances.

Reflecting on her journey, Limaye expresses, “Shifting from Pune to Delhi was a significant transition, presenting fresh challenges and a chance to contribute to India’s historic G20 presidency.” Her story of grit, courage, and versatility serves as a poignant reminder that every step taken outside the nation’s borders carries the responsibility of representing India to the world.

Rucha Limaye, the embodiment of youthful ambition and indomitable spirit, has etched her name not only in the annals of the G20 but in the hearts of those who share her pride in India’s cultural heritage and its boundless potential.