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 New Delhi –  A team of Special Staff/Outer District received a tip off from reliable source that three very desperate, notorious and active snatchers who used to commit snatching and auto-thefts would come in Mangol Puri Industrialarea, Delhi on a stolen motorcycle with the intent to sell the snatched mobile phones.


On the receipt of information, a team comprising of SI Naveen, ASI Sanjay, ASIRajbir Singh, HC Jasbir, HC Dharmender, Hc Rupesh, HC Suresh, HC Sandeep, Ct.Paramjit Singh, Ct. Sandeep Kumar, Ct. Dilip, CT. Rajender, Ct. Manjeet, andCt. Pawan, led by Insp. Sukhbir Malik (I/C Special Staff) under the overall supervision of Asstt. Commissioner of Police/Operations, Outer District, Delhi was constituted.


On the basis of secret information and instance of informer, a trap was laid in Mangol Puri Industrial area at a strategic point and secret watch was kept at all the passersby. Three persons came on one Yamaha FZ motorcycle from A-Block,Mangolpuri, Delhi towards Mangol Puri Industrial Area via under the Mangol Puriflyover and informer identified those criminals. Thereafter, informer passed the signal to the raiding team and subsequently raiding team swung into action and nabbed the said wanted criminals though they tried to flee from the spot.

During sustained interrogation, all the accused persons disclosed their identity as(1) Gulshan @ Kalia, (2) Vikas @ chuha and (3) Durgesh @Shekhu. When all the arrested persons were checked and frisked, total 07stolen mobile phones were recovered from their possession. Thereafter, when accused persons were asked to produce the documents of said Yamaha FZmotorcycle they failed to give any satisfactory reply and during continued interrogation accused persons disclosed that they have stolen the said motorcycle from the area of PS Moti Nagar, Delhi. Hence the facts were confirmed from PS Moti Nagar and the said Yamaha FZ motorcycle was found to be stolen from PS Moti Nagar vide case e- FIR No. 037634/18 dated 22.10.2018 U/s379 IPC. Hence, suitable action as per law was taken and all the above noted accused persons were arrested.


During the course of interrogation, it was revealed that Gulsha @ Kalia is their gang leader who is previously involved in many crimes. They further disclosed that after committing the snatchings and thefts, they used to sell the stolen mobile phones and motorcycles so as to earn money. They also disclosed that they have recently intensified their criminal activities so that they can plan an all India Tour and visit various tourist locations.


  1. Fifteen stolen android mobile phones.
  2. Two stolen luxurious motorcycles and one stolen scooty.


  1. Gulshan @ Kalia (21 years) R/o MangolPuri, Delhi. He is previously involved in five cases registered at Police Stations Sultan Puri, Pandav Nagar, Bindapur, Dwarka North and Sultan Puri,Delhi.

  1. Vikash @ Chuha (20 years) R/o MangolPuri, Delhi.

  1. Durgesh@ Sekhu(2o years) R/o Mangol Puri, Delhi.




CasesWorked Out:

S. NO. Case FIR No. U/s PS
1 Case FIR No. 797/18 dated 07.10.2018 379/356/34 IPC PS Sultanpuri
2 Case FIR No. 359/18 dated 26.09.2018 379/356/34 IPC PS Kanjhawala
3 Case e-FIR No. 000396/18 dated 07.10.2018 379 IPC PS Sultanpuri
4 Case e-FIR No. 000414/18 dated 16.10.2018 379 IPC PS Nangloi
5 Case e-FIR No. 000597/18 dated 20.09.2018 379 IPC PS Mianwali Nagar
6 Case e-FIR No. 000193/18 dated 04.09.2018 379 IPC PS Nihal Vihar
7 Case e-FIR No. 000636/18 dated 29.09.2018 379 IPC PS Mianwali Nagar
8 Case e-FIR No. 000540/18 dated 20.07.2018 379 IPC PS Nangloi
9 Case e-FIR No. 000417/18 dated 19.10.2018 379 IPC PS Sultanpuri
10 Case e-FIR No. 000560/18 dated 19.10.2018 379 IPC PS Nihal Vihar
11 Case e-FIR No. 000120/18 dated 31.03.2018 379 IPC PS Sultanpuri
12 Case e-FIR No. 000487/18 dated 06.08.2018 379 IPC PS Mianwali nagar
13 Case e-FIR No. 000337/18 dated 12.06.2018 379 IPC PS Nihal Vihar
14 Case e-FIR No. 000239/18 dated 30.08.2018 379 IPC PS Nangloi
15 Case e-FIR No. 000561/18 dated 20.10.2018 379 IPC PS Nihal Vihar
16 Case e-FIR No. 037634/18 dated 22.10.2018 379 IPC PS Moti Nagar
17 Case e-FIR No. 038731/18 dated 30.10.2018 379 IPC PS Vijay Vihar
18 Case e-FIR No. 037577/18 dated 22.10.2018 379 IPC PS Nihal Vihar


Further investigation is in progress