Government issues notification for bringing online content and programs under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, November 11 2020 : Online news portals and online content programs running in the country will now come under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This notification has been released today by the central government. The central government on Wednesday issued an order related to bringing online news portals and online content providers under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, online films will be accompanied by the content of audio-visual programs, online news and current affairs.

The Central Government had earlier advocated in a case in the Supreme Court that regulation of online mediums is more important than TV. Now, the government has taken the initiative to bring the content giving mediums under the online ministries.

What did the government say in the SC?

During the hearing of a case in the Supreme Court, the court stressed the need to regulate electronic media. On this, the central government had said in the court that if the Supreme Court has to set the standard for electronic media, then the rules for digital media should be made first. The reasoning behind this is that the government already has guidelines for electronic and print media, while digital media has a much greater reach, it also has more impact.

Digital media reporters can also benefit like the print and TV reporters

Earlier, the government had provided a facility for digital media journalists working in the country. The central government had said that it would consider giving benefits like PIB recognition to journalists, photographers and videographers of digital media bodies. Not only this, but the government had also said that it would also consider giving access to these journalists, photographers, videographers to the participants in the official press conference. The government has asked digital media bodies to pursue their own interests and set up self-regulatory bodies to communicate with the government.


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