Health Economics Complicated Subject; Need To Reverse It To Maintain Public Health: Tukaram Mundhe

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Pune, 9th December 2022: Acclaimed IAS officer Tukaram Mundhe on Friday opined the need of the hour is to reverse health economics, which is the most complicated subject, to maintain public health but in the same vein said it isn’t an easy task. Mundhe was speaking during the inauguration of 11th Aarogya Film Festival, organized by PM Shah Foundation, at the National Film Archives of India on Law College Road. Gynecologist Dr Arun Gadre Festival Director Chetan Gandhi, PM Shah Foundation President Advocate Kiran Kothadiya, trustees Dr Vikram Kaluskar, Jasbir Singh of NFAI and Satish Kondhalkar were present on the dais.


Mundhe categorically said that the remarks he made were in personal capacity.


“Health is a semi-public subject, which is the responsibility of the government. We need to reverse health economics to maintain public health,” Munde said. He, however, said that doing it was not an easy task, as not a single sector was responsible for it – be it the doctors, pharmaceuticals or equipment manufacturers.


“Currently, the doctors advise us to do tests. Nothing wrong in doing tests, but tests should be used as a tool and done when necessary. Today, the opposite of it is happening and we only as a society and citizens can stop it,” he said, adding at present specialists outnumbered physicians and the opposite should be the case.


Advocating for a healthy lifestyle, he appealed to people to change from themselves, which in-turn will help in changing the society. “I am saying start acting with yourself in your life and change your thoughts, start actions and repeat the benefits, so that we can herald for a good future. This message needs to be conveyed through films,” he said.


Dr Gadre said that films were an effective medium to reach out to masses as 75 percent of content that is shown visually is remembered by the people. He stressed upon the need to have short and crisp audio visual content on health related subjects and making a special section at Health Film Festival for the same.


Dr Leena Borude, health care professional and consultant, Film and Technology Institute of India, Vinay Javalgikar, filmmaker and Anuja Deodhar, teacher and social activist, who were the members of the jury, were felicitated. Monika Joshi moderated the program, while Advocate Chetan Gandhi made the opening remarks. The festival started with a screening of the short film ‘Rekha’, which is based on skin protection.