Heavy Traffic Jam Reported On Pune-Mumbai Expressway As People Travel To Celebrate Ganesh Festival

Pune Mumbai Expressway Traffic Ganeshotsav
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Pune 17th Sept 2023: A heavy traffic jam was reported on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway earlier today and the vehicles were piled up on the road upto four to five kilometers. This according to the officials was an outcome of the festive season as many people are travelling out of Mumbai and Pune to celebrate Ganesh festival.



The highway traffic police were deployed to manage the traffic congestion all across the expressway and they tried to ensure that the commuters face less inconvenience. However, several commuters witnessed the traffic jam in the ghat section and toll plazas and the vehicles were piled up to few kilometers on these stretches.


Some commuters also appreciated the highway police for taking measures to ensure that people do not have to remain stuck in the traffic congestion for a long time. “