ICC Cricket World 2023: David Warner’s ‘Pushpa’ Style Celebration Goes Viral

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Bengaluru, 20th October 2023: In the ongoing ICC Cricket World 2023 match between Pakistan and Australia (Pak vs Aus), Australia has established a strong grip on the game taking place at The Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru. Notably, David Warner, the explosive left-handed batsman of the Australian team, has emerged as a key figure, delighting fans with his stellar performance.

Warner’s exceptional batting skills have left Pakistan’s bowlers struggling to contain him, and he showcased his brilliance by notching up a century in style. The milestone was reached in the 30th over of the innings when Warner secured a single off Pakistani bowler Mohammad Nawaz, bringing up his hundred. His jubilation on the field was equally captivating, as he celebrated in the iconic style of South Indian superstar Allu Arjun’s blockbuster film ‘Pushpa.’ A video capturing David Warner’s unique celebration has surfaced on social media, winning the hearts of fans and leading some to affectionately refer to him as the “Junior Pushpa.”

During this high-stakes World Cup match, David Warner’s batting prowess was on full display as he amassed an impressive total of 124 runs off 163 balls against Pakistan.

David Warner’s affinity for Allu Arjun and his admiration for ‘Pushpa’ is not a new revelation. On numerous occasions, both on and off the cricket field, Warner has openly displayed his admiration for the South Indian actor. Through various pictures and videos shared on his Instagram account, Warner has voiced his admiration for Allu Arjun, citing him as his favorite actor and ‘Pushpa’ as one of his cherished films. In a testament to his fandom, Warner has even been spotted dancing to the signature steps of ‘Pushpa’s’ popular song, Srivalli, during the World Cup.

David Warner’s unique celebration style, combined with his remarkable performance on the cricket field, has certainly left a lasting impression and resonated with cricket and cinema enthusiasts alike.