IIT JEE: Tips and Tricks to Get into Top Engineering Colleges

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Pune, 26th March 2023: It is a dream of all engineering aspirants to get into top colleges like IIT. If you start your preparation at the right time under the right guidance, your chances of getting into a top college will increase. Here are a few key points.

Know the Syllabus: Mastery of 11th and 12th standard physics, chemistry, and math prepares you for the board as well as for all the engineering entrance exams like JEE and CET, as they have exactly the same syllabus. Students with the strongest grasp of PCM will likely gain admission to the most prestigious colleges, such as IITs, followed by other reputed institutions like NIT and COEP. As proficiency in subjects diminishes, the prestige of the expected college also declines.

Choose a Good Coaching Institute: When selecting an institute, it is important to keep in mind that a student is essentially joining the faculty team rather than the institute. There have been several cases where teachers have left institutes in between the course, leaving students in a lurch. Poor students waste valuable time adjusting to a new teacher or switching between multiple institutes, which can consume their time, energy, and money, ultimately shattering their dream of IIT. The arrival of a new teacher in the middle of a course disturbs the flow by causing a repeat of already-covered concepts or missing out on some. It slows down the course flow and makes it inefficient. Additionally, the new teacher requires time to establish a good relationship with the students. Therefore, it is crucial to inquire about the specific faculty members who will be teaching your batch. Most of the faculties at renowned institutes are qualified and experienced. However, the key factor to consider is whether they have been associated with the institute for a long time. Check the success ratio of the institute, not just the number of students who cleared JEE. All these crucial details get concealed and overshadowed under the enormous advertisements of coaching classes.

Prime Academy is considered as one of the best coaching institutes for IIT JEE. It boasts a highly skilled faculty team comprising of IIT graduates, which has stayed the same for over a decade. The success ratio of Prime Academy in JEE mains and advanced has been more than 80% and 25%, respectively.

Methodology of Teaching: “We start a new concept from an elementary level so that no student finds it difficult to understand. We create curiosity in students’ minds by correlating the concepts with day-to-day life examples and interestingly questioning them. All this is done in a fun-filled environment, as a few connecting jokes are also cracked to keep the students in a good and receptive mood. Once students start responding to the concept, simple numerical problems are discussed, which help them answer in school exams and score in CET. Gradually the level of the problem is increased to JEE standard. Homework is assigned for practice, and frequent mock tests develop their time and stress management skills.” said DC Pandey, the renowned physics author and HOD Physics at Prime Academy.

Efficiency Improvement Tips: “Do not miss even a single lecture, as concepts are interrelated. Participate in the lecture by asking your doubts; this will enhance your learning. At Prime Academy, a very close bonding is developed between students and teachers as the same teachers teach throughout the course. We take relatively less time to finish the syllabus by avoiding the disruption caused by new faculty joining mid-course. As a result, our students get more revision time, leading to a higher success rate in IIT JEE.” said Lalit Kumar, Founder and director of Prime Academy, an IIT graduate with 21 years of teaching experience. He has mentored over 3000 IITians, including Sushant Sachdeva, the only IIT JEE All India Rank 1 in the history of Pune.

Motivation: “Exam preparation can demotivate students due to challenging concepts, low scores, distractions, or health issues. Seeking guidance from Prime Academy’s faculty proved effective in identifying the root cause and providing tailored solutions for my children to regain motivation.” said Mr Gaikwad, a proud parent who saw both his sons succeed in IIT. Despite being declared unfit for science and rejected by coaching classes, Sangram Gaikwad rose from being one of the weakest in his class to the top of the Computer Science Department at IIT. His journey greatly inspires many of his juniors at Prime Academy, including his younger brother, who aced Pune by getting All India Rank 204 in IIT JEE.

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