Indian Jugaad: Chemistry teacher’s DIY tripod for online class wins the internet

Teacher's jugaad for online class wins internet
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Pune, June 15, 2020: Recently an online class video showing a teacher using a unique technology to teach students went viral on the internet. In a bid to facilitate students better, a chemistry teacher Moumita B, who teaches at a boarding school in Panchgani in Satara district, adopted an indigenous jugaad to teach students uninterrupted, which has gained much praise on the internet.

The pandemic has changed the paradigm of work-life, introducing a work from home culture worldwide. This complete shift of work pattern has also impacted the schools and classrooms, with students taking ‘classes from home’– online education.

With limited resources available at home, teachers have been struggling to conduct lectures and provide a classroom-like environment for students sitting at home. Moumita, who prefers chalk and duster methods to teach her students, was finding it difficult to manage writing on the blackboard and handle the mobile phone by constantly holding it. She was facing a lot of trouble due to not having a tripod to keep her phone steady.

Tired of the problem, Moumita came up with a ‘jugaad’ with the help of easily available materials at home to solve it. She made a tripod with the help of a chair, hanger, and a few pieces of cloth and placed it right in front of the blackboard. Now, she has been successfully able to stream live classes hands-free without much hassle.

Moumita shared her video on her LinkedIn account, which went viral on many social media platforms and quickly received applause for her unique solution. At the same time, many netizens have also praised the efforts taken by the teacher.